Oriented at the cutting edge of AI, RNA and structural biology
We want to unleash the power of artificial intelligence on molecular structure to engineer RNA biology, creating medicines that can tackle diseases that were previously untreatable.
Our Team

Executed by an interdisciplinary, world-class team with deep experience in RNA and structural biology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, genomics, engineering, and physics, we are THE RNA structure company.

Raphael's photo

Raphael Townshend

Founder & CEO

Ayah's photo

Ayah Abdeldayem

Scientist, Screening

Brandon's photo

Brandon Anderson

Staff Scientist,
Machine Learning

Brent's photo

Brent Townshend

Head of ML
Data Generation

Connor's photo

Connor Stephens

Machine Learning

Cornelius's photo

Cornelius Corkery

Operations and
Compliance Specialist

Debarati's photo

Debarati DasGupta

Senior Scientist,

Derek's photo

Derek Leung

Strategy and Finance

Esta's photo

Esta Kor

Business Operations

Gabe's photo

Gabriel Ferns

Machine Learning

Jake's photo

Jake Yukich

Research Associate

Jimin's photo

Jimin Park

Senior Scientist,
Functional Genomics

Manjunath's photo

Manjunath Ramarao

Chief Scientific Officer

Mark's photo

Mark Stead

Head of
Business Development

Matias's photo

Matias Kaplan

Founding Scientist,
RNA Biology

Meredith's photo

Meredith Corley

Senior Scientist,
Computational Biology

Minna's photo

Minna Bui

Staff Scientist,

Praveen's photo

Praveen Kumar

Screening Lead

Ramya's photo

Ramya Rangan

Scientist, Computational
Structural Biology

Ryan's photo

Ryan Chow

Associate Scientist

Stephan's photo

Stephan Eismann

Head of Machine Learning
& Founding Scientist

Stephanie's photo

Stephanie Simmons

Head of People

Suparna's photo

Suparna Gupta

Project Management

Tabitha's photo

Tabitha Tcheau

Senior Research

Yuzu's photo

Yuzu Ido

Machine Learning

Our Scientific Advisors
Ron Dror's photo

Ron Dror,
Computational Biology and Machine Learning

Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

Leads research group that uses molecular simulation and machine learning to elucidate biomolecular structure, dynamics, and function.

Roger Kornberg's photo

Roger Kornberg,
Structural Biology and RNA

Professor of Structural Biology, Stanford University

Nobel prize in Chemistry for understanding the molecular basis of eukaryotic transcription.

Gene Yeo's photo

Gene Yeo,
RNA Biology and RNA Therapeutics

Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, UCSD

His research focuses on the importance of RNA processing and the roles that RNA binding proteins play in development and disease.

Nicholas Meanwell's photo

Nicholas Meanwell,
Drug Hunter and Medicinal Chemist

Former Scientific VP of Small Molecule Drug Discovery at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Advanced 33 clinical candidates over a 40-year career at BMS

Percy Carter's photo

Percy Carter,
Drug Discovery Leader and Biotech Executive

CSO of Blueprint Medicines and Board member of HiFiBiO Therapeutics

Previous scientific leadership roles at Fibrogen, Janssen, and BMS

Our Investors
Playground 8VC Greylock Factory AME Cloud Ventures not boring AIX Ventures

Join us in integrating artificial intelligence with structural biology to treat disease