AI-driven RNA drug discovery, with atomic precision
At Atomic AI, we are developing the cutting-edge fusion of machine learning and structural biology to unlock RNA drug discovery.
Atomic's research on the cover of Science journal
Our Platform

Our groundbreaking AI technology can unveil the three-dimensional structure of RNA at unprecedented speed and accuracy.

By uniting these algorithmic advances with large-scale experimental biology, we enable the design of novel RNA-targeting medicines to treat undruggable diseases.

Our Team

Our team reflects our core values: good human beings who also happen to be world-class builders and innovators. We care about each other and our mission, and we push ourselves out of our comfort zones to pursue bold ideas. Together, we can achieve greatness.

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Raphael Townshend

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Adrian Sanborn

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Akshay Tambe

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April Schleck

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Brandon Anderson

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Brent Townshend

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Esta Kor

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Jake Yukich

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Matias Kaplan

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Meredith Corley

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Ryan Chow

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Stephan Eismann

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